Image Of A Musical Website with a Guitar Background Having Text Like Country Music Web Design

When it comes to building a website for music, artist or band content is the natural step. There are already a lot of images, videos, audios and performance dates available at hand. That part is done and dusted. It is the actual designing of the site that stumps most people. Why? Because the music industry is about creation and when artists come together, they want to prove they are unique. They want to create a site that is tempting and stands out of the crowd.

To help every music buff out there, we spoke to Ms. Sunaina, a passionate music lover and now working with the Designing Team at to give us the lowdown on the ingredients that make for outstanding web design. Below are the points suggested by the designer.

There are two primary elements that help build a fantastic website for a musician.

• The Photos

Yes, every music band or artist will have many, many photos of them taken by fans, followers, and managers. But it is Image That Shows The Homepage of The Music Websitea smart decision to invest in professional photos. Hire a good photographer and get a lot of shots taken from varying angles such as headshots and images with a broad edge and background. These pictures will be the starting point of your design and will come in use repeatedly.
Images make for incredible design. They can be utilised:
o As the backdrop
o As header
o To divide content
o For social media posts
o Promotions

Keep in mind that the very first thing a fan, an agent or other musicians will see is the photo. A bad picture or a grainy image is not the impression you want to create. With the photos, you want to motivate and temp people to listen to your music.

• The Layout

The first instinct of a music group or any other person connected to the field is to be artistic. While creativity should be encouraged when it comes to making music, it is not as good for website designing. For the user of a site, the most important thing is your music, and they want to reach it as quickly as they can. To do so, you need to create a layout that is clean and easily navigable.

Therefore, when picking a template for music web design, choose one that has a lot of clear and whitespace. Try to keep the focus on each page on just one element so that the entire site is simple to explore. For example, the homepage can give a very brief idea about a band and then have an impactful call to action button. The music page can have a link to some of the most popular songs and tunes by the musician.

The tip to good web design is to keep it simple, structured and inviting so that a simple eye scan offers most information.