The world of music is one that can bring even the strangest of people together. There is something about lyrics, rhythm, beat and soulful music that touches the deepest core of a heart and brings forth a sense of connection. The beauty, the happiness, the joy, the understanding, and the unity harmonies and melodies can create are incomparable and untouchable. Music is food for the soul, body, and brain. To us, it is the firmament of our ethos. It is the very foundation of this platform.

We began this site after a sudden realisation that music therapy can do wonders for health. What was surprising is that we have family and friends who had been taking music classes for the same, yet we never made the association. It wasn’t until one of us began music training that we understood the value. Once the realisation struck, we were inspired to create a platform that shared information on all things linked to music.

To this end, here any music buff, enthusiast or accidental reader can find:
• Articles that talk about different types of musical training
• How music can be extremely therapeutic and promote the health and wellbeing of a person
• Tips and ideas that assist people in planning and organising a music event

We selected each one of these topics with utmost care because we know they have the power to affect not just some people but thousands of individuals. A perfect example is how knowledge of music therapy can help people become more extroverts. Furthermore, we didn’t want to limit the scope of the site; therefore, we even include informational articles on:

• Music recordings
• Music shows

Last but never the least, to aid budding artists and musicians in their quest to get their art out to the world, we talk about tips for website design for music sites. We understand that amateurs and beginners rarely have the time, energy or money to invest in big designing companies or freelancers to get their sites up and running.

But we appreciate that in today’s world of internet and technology, having a presence online is nearly mandatory. Therefore, we pitch in our two cents worth to promote careers by asking top website design and development firms for their ideas and publishing them on the platform.