Painting of a lady who is holding a violin on her hand.

Music is a form of creative expression and is regarded as an artistic masterpiece. Music and visual art coexist and mutually reinforce, even though they have different goals. Hence, music can create artwork, and you can compare the artwork you create when different types of music are playing in the background. Contemporary painters have identified a wide range of musical genres to get them into the painting mood. Fine arts schools in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other big cities teach painting with music. It helps children who lack confidence in their artistic abilities to acquire more experience and create representational artworks with emotions.

You have to know about synaesthesia, a phenomenon in which people perceive music and artwork differently and have a different connection with these arts than others. One of its fascinating success stories is that though music has advanced significantly in recent years, synaesthetic artists like Kandinsky are also popular. However, all art forms are created by doing something with your hands, but how it is communicated varies. Let us discuss and know more about the various forms of art and their correlation here.

Painting With Music Inspiration- Simple Tips & Techniques

Music impacts our creative process, and so has a positive impact on artwork. While listening to music, children can create artwork that reflects their feelings and thoughts. This allows them to take ownership of the music. Music can influence a musician’s creativity, and painters can create unique brush tangos on the canvas when listening to music. It influences the painting process in many ways, and you can use your art to interpret music in different ways. Aboriginal artworks are reminiscent of musical compositions, and the splatters of color are reminiscent of musical flourishes.

Luis Mucillo, Jorge Horst, Fantin-Latour, Barbe, and Delacroix have all used music to inspire their art. Jean Pederson uses music to help her paint amid an artistic lull. Research states that classical music creates better effects than other forms of music. Let us see how to paint with music.

  • Prepare your workspace by gathering your canvas, favorite paints, and brushes to paint.
  • Align various tools such that the painting process remains uninterrupted throughout.
  • Find a piece of music on the internet and prepare yourself by researching what elevates the mood to be happy with upbeats.
  • Shutdown your cell phone and computer and let the music guide you as you paint.

A small boy is painting on the drawing board with a painting brush on his hand, some paint is kept in the cup which can be seen straight below.

How Does Music & Visual Art Relate?

Music and art are connected in many ways, and schools and universities use the connection to improve student learning. Music has inspired many artists to create work, and the relationship between music and visual art is well documented. Music is the audio version of visual art, and that visual art has been a frozen form of music since the twentieth century. Understanding its significance, visual arts colleges in Chennai and other cities recommend including music as a supporting medium in all their arts courses. The more thrilling fact is that musicians have been inspired by visual art for as long as music has existed. Both use repetition, intensity, variety, rhythm, balance, texture, form, line, and harmony.

However, musicians and visual artists are allies, and many musicians use visual art to shape the next phase of their careers successfully. In visual art, color selection can be the overriding instrument, and in music, the instruments used can suggest a specific mood. Hence, music and visual art are found in all forms of visual art, not just fine art. A classic example is street art, an expression of how music and visual art come together.

Difference Between Visual Arts & Performing Arts?

The visual arts environment is constantly evolving and changing, and multiple modes of artistic expression distinguish one group from another. Visual artists use paint, canvas, and various other materials to create art objects. In comparison, performing arts are demonstrated in front of the audience. These artists use their voices and bodies to convey ideas through artistic expression.

Visual arts and performing arts provide ways to express emotions, opinion, or taste to communicate cultural messages. They include culinary art, poetry, and writing. Most importantly, they are created for aesthetic reasons and judged on their value and meaning.

Wrap Up
Music is the art of living, and vice versa. Art is defined as the quality and expression of physically appealing, alluring, or greater than normal significance, as determined by the creative criteria. Throughout the 1900s, many artists used music to bring their visual expressions to life to broaden their audience. Chris Brown, an American RnB singer, is the best example. He was equally interested in music and painting. Finally, as we end this article, you have to understand that music is the most accessible and affordable form of art we have at our disposal these days, and it permeates almost every aspect of our lives.