An image illustrating the process of Event Management

To put it another way, you’ve secured a fantastic event.

You’ve persuaded the client of your track record of successful event hosting and landed the coveted contract.If you truly lack organizational skills, securing the contract is only the beginning of a massive and stressful headache!

You will be involved in the event planning and management stages once the contract has been secured.

This necessitates cooperation among setup crews, suppliers and vendors, venue owners, and food and beverage serving teams, to name a few.

Steps To Maintain A Well Organized Event Planning Team:

Everyone on this list will be considered a member of your team.

You’ll need to be an expert at managing people in this position.

It’s also a stressful period, especially as the event approaches.

The following pointers will help you organize your team into a cohesive and productive unit:

Grouping – Your team members should be divided into groups based on the activities in which they feel most at ease and capable. If you hired extra help for the event, for example, incorporating them into a short-handed team necessitates that they be capable of completing the assigned task. As a result, careful selection is required to ensure that they will not disappoint the team. If your hiring process isn’t thorough, it could lead to a stressful work environment for that team.

Delegation of responsibilities – keep track of the tasks that have been assigned to each team member. His or her task will be tailored to their specific skills. You’ll also need to keep an eye on their performance and keep a line of communication open in case something goes wrong. Each team member must be aware of and comprehend the task that has been assigned to them. They must also be responsible enough to keep you up to date on the status of their work on a daily or weekly basis.

Everyone on the team depends on the final deliveries. They must be aware of their deadlines for delivery. It would be unforgivable if they claimed at the end of the event that they didn’t understand your instructions or that they weren’t told they were supposed to do that task. That would be a complete disaster!

It is critical that you are kept informed of any team member issues or problems so that you can ensure that they meet expectations all the way through to final delivery. Effective teamwork and successful delivery require a high level of due diligence.

Human resource management- Managing coworkers and team members is similar to managing employees in a human resources department.

You’ll need people management skills in addition to great design ideas. You’ll also need to know how to deal with difficult members of your team! One of the tools you can use to stay organized with team members is an event management system.

Features that allow you to track team performance and task delegation should be included in your event solution.

Your event management solution should also be highly mobile and accessible to your key team members, allowing them to monitor crew performance and report back to you.

This translates to more mobility and accessibility.Because there is almost certainly a tracking record feature included, having a good system in place is half the battle won, saving you time and minimizing issues along the way.

Ms. Mariana Joseph from Techfetch RPO (, the US-based recruitment process outsourcing services expert quotes that “Putting together a team and delegating and answering the below questions to yourself will find a way above to reach heights and bring perfection in this field”

  • Assume you’ve chosen your team and are ready to begin.
  • How would you organize them and delegate the many tasks that need to be completed?
  • Are you well-prepared and aware of who will be responsible for what in order to avoid duplication of effort or an incorrect assignment?”

As a result, there can be no disagreements about the tasks that have been assigned.It doesn’t matter if you’re in Europe or Singapore or somewhere else.What matters is a collaborative effort and the successful execution of a personal event.

Your client will be unconcerned about the daily challenges that go into achieving this success; what matters to them is a memorable event. Read More