Exactly as it has announced last month, of the Korea of the South pop star PSY characterised his “style Gangnam” follow-up to his “Happening” mega-concert of yesterday evening On Saturday on April 13 to World Cup Stadium di Seoul. 35-year-old artist has carried out the new song with the living one in front of a spectators’ sea, undergone later first his made debut his official musical video flood to his concert.
PSY exhibited with his group of habitual support of dancers like all has thrown the news hip swinging, pass of dance that has revealed during the release of the alone week last era his personal interpretation of a Korean traditional dance. A crowd of about 50.000 concertgoers, that were putting on the white one as requested PSY, appreciated the performance at the living one in 160.000 more looked on-line streaming live that the world pop sensation had created for his million fan in the whole world wait with anxiety his near success I show potential.
“Certain that I feel myself more loaded of beforehand, why one sack of people is looking,” PSY has admitted in a press conference before his concert On Saturday Seoul, has been said that it was “a thanks performance for the success Style Gangnam.” The singer / ballerina has difficulty in being surpassed or at least in duplicating the huge success that his hit of viral YouTube “Style Gangnam” has had last year.
One of the other salient moments the show has been a tribute PSY of R ‘n’ B / pop goddess Beyonce Knowles, as itself his great success has been exhibited “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. After the phase in concert lighted with the words: “I dedicate the following Beyonce phase,” widely well-known video music “Single Ladies”, with the PSY face it is supposed over Bey, how it has carried his choreography out together with two of his back-up to dancers.