PSY, originally named as Park Jae-sang, is now a trendsetter among all his fans. Be it his style of dressing or sense of adding accessories to his costume, PSY has indeed created a new style for fashion lovers to adopt. Some of the collections from Melinda Maria,,   and other online sites have also found their way to his fantastic collections. describes his latest fashion trends and how people simply love him for the new look.

Everyone suddenly wants to look like this pop star. PSY is now world famous for his Gangnam style of dressing. Everywhere and anywhere, in all parts of the world, we can see people following the Gangnam style of wearing clothes. It is rarely that a costume worn by a pop star gets so much popularity among the residents of regions around the globe. It is true that clothes actually describe who you are. PSY has made such a fashion statement and is now considered as a fashion icon. It’s not just his clothes, it’s also the jewellery, his shoes and other accessories. All these put together are driving people into a frenzy of fashion craze. The singer manages to look cool in any outfit.

PSY truly understands the psychology behind keeping his fans attracted to his sense of dressing. Casual yet chic at the same time. Not following conventional rules, PSY has always been more on the controversial side. In his early stages of building his career, he got into many controversies for his raw lyrics. The South Korean has certainly set world records for his music as well as costume. There are so many people looking at what South Korea has to offer in the fashion world. South Korea is now becoming popular as Korean fashion is taking a prominent place in world fashion.

Though PSY is known as a comedic musician, music has always been his first passion. It is said that he discontinued his studies to build a career in music. Being the son of a prominent businessman, he was first sent to the USA to continue his English Studies. Later he took up business as his main subject. However, the call for his true passion finally took over, and he shifted to a music college. The passion for music took over again, and he dropped his studies for building his career- true luck for his fans!

His stage performance mesmerises people as he blends into the show completely. His costume and fashion accessories at each performance become a popular trend by the end of the day. Each stage performance captivates the audience and keeps them rocking till the end. PSY, true to his style, is more than happy to experiment a new look each time. Trying on trendy clothes combined with mind-blowing jewellery to suit each program is something he is always ready to do.

It doesn’t always have to be designer clothes and highly expensive jeans that a pop star wears. PSY shows how even the most casual clothes can create waves in the fashion world. That probably is one of the reasons which make him so popular!