Image Of A Women Who Taken Calm Music Therapy in a Spa

We have all felt a smile come to our face when on hearing a song we love. We know that specific melodies can bring back a special memory; they can make you feel happy or get you pumped. From the day we are born, we can understand the difference between noise and music. The brain can decode pitch, tempo, and rhythm using varying neural pathways. It is why slow songs calm us down, and fast music gets the heart rate going double time.

The exact reason why harmonies affect us so strongly is not known but we do understand that when music we like is playing the body produces dopamine. The chemical is the reason our mood enhances and we feel better. So, it is a fact that good music can lead to emotions like:

  • Fear
  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Reminiscence

But we wanted to know if music therapy can actually improve our health. Ms. Linda, who was into Medical Research and now working at says music therapy helps improve health. She also says “When I was into medical research, I did go through some studies that demonstrated that music can increase our wellbeing. The soothing music creates positive energy to our body and keeps us healthy.” So, without further ado, here are some health benefits you get from listening to music.

  • Stress Buster

When music has a low pitch, slow tempo and no lyrics it can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Called calming music Image Of A Young Girl Listens Music For Her Stress Reliefit has even shown to relax people undergoing a surgery such as colonoscopy. A similar study conducted on cancer patients proved that tension is greatly reduced through music. People who listened to songs while getting a cancer treatment had less anxiety than those who didn’t.

  • Great Exercise

Every gym you visit and every workout video you see will have great music playing in the background. There is vital reason for it. Music therapy can amplify the effect of aerobic exercise by improving mental and physical stimulation.

  • No Pain

Research says that when patients listen to songs before, during and after a surgical procedure, they experience less pain. When compared with people who do not rely on music therapy, they have better overall satisfaction.

  • Better Mood

This is one of the proven advantages of music on health. It can benefit the well-being of a person by controllingImage Of A Lady Listens Music in a Beautiful Environment For Getting Good Mood emotions, unwinding the body and generating happiness.

  • Good Communication

People who suffer from terminal illnesses or conditions that have traumatised them are able to cope and communicate their feeling better when they undergo music therapy. Expressing anger, few or loneliness becomes more comfortable with melodies and songs. Music provides them comfort.

  • Fantastic Memory

Music, in general, has a repetitive pattern which can enhance the brain’s ability to memorise. We all know that converting a tough chapter into a song makes it easier to remember. The same effect has been seen in stroke patients who have better verbal memory when they listen to music.