Madonna - American Pop Singer.

Madonna, right from childhood days was active in her school. She had interest to learn piano and ballet. Not many would have predicted that this interest would soon convert into passion that has made her one of the all time greatest singers. Her popularity isn t restricted to the United States alone. She is popular all over the world and has several millions of fans. Her singing influences the audience to an extent where they forget the world and dance to the beats and tunes of her techno-melody songs. She has earned millions of dollars and has a rich lifestyle. One must not forget her contribution to charities and other non-profit organizations. Justify My Love, True Blue, Ray of light, You Can Dance, American Life, Confessions on a Dancefloor and many more albums bought her lot of name, richness and fame. Her first album was released in the year 1983 and the song Holiday topped the charts around the world for a long time. Borderline, Burning Up,

Lucky Star, and Everybody were some of her other major hits. Album was a winner and Madonna rose to stardom instantly. She has an edge over competitors due to her outrageous sex appeal and videos. Her popularity can be attributed to the broadcasting of her music videos on several music channels for the last 10 years. She has set a new standard for music, especially for female artists that are looking to make a name in the music industry. Her songs have a deep meaning and symbolize facts about life, sex and relationship. One can claim without an iota of doubt that Madonna is the undisputed queen of singing for several years. Her music has been widely sold in millions of copies and distributors have made a merry for their own profit by selling them. She stormed her way into the Guinness book of world records and this certainly makes her a special singer to watch out for. Her songs and albums sell like drops of water and people that are associated with Madonna consider her as a true inspiration to redefine one s success.

Madonna has taken to acting, apart from singing and has received some appreciation and awards. But her main weapon is singing and it s irreplaceable. She has performed all over the world and this makes her a truly international singer. Her dressing sense, hair style and sex appeal have become a rage on streets of the United States for several years. The confidence with which Madonna carries herself speaks volumes of her abilities, not just a singer, but as an overall person. Audiences get mesmerized with her voice and electrifying performance. She has hit headlines on more than one occasion for non-singing reasons. But that never affected her name in the singing industry. She continues to inspire many and has turned herself into a role model for many. She is known to try different genres of music and all of them have been well received by audience, most of the times. Let us hope that she will serve the music world for a long time to come. Both the music industry and audience need someone like to Madonna, to set the stage live and kicking.