Park Jae-sang, popularly known as PSY, is one of the darlings of the public crowds now. Born on December 31st, 1977, this South Korean creates magic with his songs among all kinds of age groups. He made his debut in 2001.The song Bird was a unique hit and has captured the hearts of all his fans. This led to the growth of a new trend in western music. The list is never ending with popular hits like Right now; Shake it, Entertainer, Paradise, Champion, etc.

However, PSY fans received a precious gift with a number that has not yet ceased to rock the crowds even today. The world famous Gangnam Style album has created a strong sensation all over the world. A world record was formed as it crossed 100 million views on Youtube. The album became more famous as it also entered the iTunes Top 10 Songs list. Pop history saw a huge revolution as PSY drove crowds wild with his mind blowing tunes. His stage performances are so widely appreciated as fans await his witty stage appearances and absolutely magical dance numbers.

Psy loves his fans and keeps in regular touch through his annual band concerts –The Drenched Show and PSY Summer stand. When he started off his career as a pop singer, he became famous as a controversial hip hop singer.

Flashback- A Small Peep Into His Early Life:

Park Jae Sang is the son of a highly successful businessman and was being prepared to follow in his father’s footsteps. Though interested in music, PSY went off to the United States to continue his studies in English and later landed at the Boston University for a degree in business studies.  Unable to ignore his true calling, PSY shifted to the Berklee College of music and later on left his studies to start a career in music. Back in Korea, he took up the name PSY –a concept of an image he created of himself as partly Psycho! His Album PSY from the Psycho world hit the stands in 2001. A huge fan club emerged and has always followed his songs with utmost delight and enjoyment.

This famous singer has got into many controversies because of the raw lyrics he includes in the songs. In spite of all the issues, he has emerged stronger and has always been welcomed by his strongest supporters- the music fans.

There is something so energetic and magical in his tunes that people also use it to motivate their work out sessions. People always demand for his CDs and DVDs to keep listening to this rock star who shook their world and filled it with so much energy.We can find many Zumba classes, as well as Yoga sessions being practised with PSY lyrics rocking the rooms, emanating from CDs, bought from sites like Fitness Instructor Songs,, etc. has had so many reviews in favour of PSY. These articles are proof that his fans absolutely love his tracks and he will continue to be popular for many years to come.