Having a home recording studio gives you lots of benefits. You can record and mix your music piece at your convenient time and avoid the studio rental charges, which can be too expensive. To achieve the best music recording experience, it is necessary to know what makes a live room or mixing room a perfect space for music recording. If you look into the popular music recording rooms, they have special sound absorbing materials installed on the walls. These sound absorbing materials effectively absorb the sounds to prevent echoes that are very distracting.

In a nutshell, a tracking room or live room should be designed or constructed in such a way that it should make the sound of the voice or instruments pleasing and accurate as much as possible. A popular sound engineer says that room sound so nice that it should make you sing happy like in a shower room. The reason why many people like to sing in shower room because the installed tiles reflect our voice and sounds that is pleasing and clear. The good live room should make the sound look so livelier and not dead.

You should be aware of the fact not all echo sounds are desirable for a recording room. For example, a short echo can be distracting as it makes the ear to unable to distinguish the original sound and reflected sound. What we require is a dense sound reflection, which can be highly impressive and pleasing to the ears.

Building and designing an extraordinary recording room is an art and science. All the popular and sophisticated recording rooms are created with the help of professionals.

The control room is the room where the sound mixing is actually done. This room contains the mixture equipment and speakers. The control room will have a glass window to have visual contact with the people in the live room. Some studios even have an additional control room that does not have a transparent window to the live room. The control is designed in such a way that it does not produce any additional sound of its own or any echoes. This helps the people to listen to the original sound from the speakers without any alterations.

The vocal room is a small booth, where the singer actually sings on the microphone. This room is designed is very sound absorbing materials so that no echoes, reverbs and other sounds are produced. Isolation booths are mainly used for recording musical instruments. The purpose of isolation booth is to prevent the sound spill from the other instruments.

If you are planning to set up a home recording studio, you should keep certain things in mind. You should avoid choosing the smallest room. This is because small rooms can reflect sound much better than the larger rooms. Moreover, smaller rooms do not offer enough space for multiple musicians.

Always try to find a room that does not allow noise from the surroundings. Choose the room that is far away from the roads, plumbing fixtures, machines and other sources of sounds. Also, have a look at the flooring of the room. Flooring such as tile, hardwood and concrete are very preferable.