The Bridge Between The People And The Relaxation Is Online Music.

Today’s Music Industry is more alive on the Internet than Live programs. Promotion of music now -a -days is via social media. We can safely say that the web has impacted music in a good way. But the web is a filigree of both good and bad. The internet can threaten musicians and their music through online piracy and copyright infringement.

Firewall Your Music

If you ask any budding musician if he or she is serious about his choice of career, they would answer affirmatively. A leading New York-based attorney talks about what independent musicians can do to protect their music. He gives some simple tips that can be followed to avoid huge legal headaches later.

  • The first thing to do is to trademark the band name with the Patent and Trademark’s office of the country.
  • Sometimes when musicians submit their songs or beat to companies hoping for some breakthrough, they end up hearing the same lyric or beat in some else’s song. So the best way to avoid such a situation is to Copyright the music or song to avoid misappropriation of it by someone else.
  • The copyright of music is of two types. 1. Copyright underlying the artwork.2.copyright of the actual song recording.
  • Getting a copyright of music is easy and cheap
  • In the initial stages of their career, nobody can afford a lawyer. But it is always wise to have a lawyer look at all the contracts before signing them. Volunteer lawyers for the arts and similar organizations can help with this.
  • It is always better because an artist will have his /her concentration only on music and all these will look like trivial matters. Ignoring this might always result in being taken advantage of.
  • Every musician has a question. “How do I check each and every song that I upload on the internet?” The answer to this is digital watermarks and google-alert.
  • This can be done using services like Audiolock and Digimark. Nowadays almost everything can be set on alert like the band name, song title or album name using Google Alerts.
  • Google Alerts are very handy. Whenever the musician’s name or the name of the band is mentioned in a music blog or online magazine he/she will receive a mail notification along with the link to that page. Click On – – Analysis On The Growth Of Music Industry.

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Remember Your Royalties And Get Paid

  1. Taking care of Music Royalties is also a way of protecting one’s music. There are several organizations that recognize songwriters,composers, and musicians around the world and ensure they get paid what they deserve.
    SESAC- invitation-only Performing Rights organization that represents the world’s top musicians.
  2. ASCAP-the American Society of Composers Artists and Publishers is a professional organization owned and run by its own members. It is also the world leader in royalties,advocacy, and service for music creators.
  3. Sound Exchange-provides royalty solutions for sound recordings and publishing. It collects and distributes digital performance royalties to thousands of musicians. Its technology solutions like Notice OF Intention of Use(NOI) LOOKUP, International Standard Recording Code(ISRC)Search, Music-Data Exchange(MDX), help turn massive amounts of data into revenue for creators.